Episode 07


Takeshi begins to get weird dreams, which he dismisses as only normal nightmares. When one of his nightmares closely resembles an event he could not of known about, he passes out from his exhaustion. While resting in the nurse's office, it is discovered that his Aspect, Twilight is causing these dreams and is draining his mana.

When Takeshi is informed that he must hand over his Aspect, he replies to the Headmistress that he wants to fix the problem. The Headmistress then informs him that he must battle the Aspect inside his dreams, and that the Headmistress will facilitate the dream.

When he has arrived at the Nurse's Office, Takeshi is informed that Mui will travel with him, the help in his battle. Before spelling him to sleep, the nurse, Hyoudou informs him of the parent child relationship that should be held between Takeshi and Twilight.

When Takeshi realizes that he cannot match Twilight, he recalls Hyoudou's words, and his own past with his mother. He stops Twilight, calling out that she has a heart and feelings, and that all she really wanted was a name.


Nanase Takeshi

Aiba Mui

Kurumi Isoshima

Kazumi Ida

Momoka Shijou

Nanami Hyoudou