Hotaru Kumagai (熊谷 蛍 Kumagai Hotaru) is a member of Ghost Trailer. For a short time she was a member of Wizard Brace after being captured and having her memories altered. After being given back to Ghost Trailer her memories were restored


Hotaru's appearance is a short and seemingly young looking girl in her early teens with neck-length orange hair and green eyes.  

She wears a yellow zipped up jacket over her torso. 



Both Hotaru and Takao Oigami had been knocked out when they were after Mui Aiba in The Living World. After the fight they were detained by Subaru Magic Academy with their memories rewritten.

However, later they were both used as hostage exchange for Tsuganashi Aiba but their previous memory had still not returned as yet. Hotaru was 100% sure that she was part of Wizard Brace, but Takao Oigami remembered when he was mistaken for still being part of Ghost Trailer after he was detained and his memories were rewritten, so he eventually figured out that their memories were tampered with and they had belonged to Ghost Trailer previously.


Old Memory: It is yet unknown about this spell


Dosage Needle


Takao OigamiEdit

The two were both Ghost Trailers together, in pursuit of Mui Aiba. However, they both had their memories wiped and became members of the academy.

Etymology Edit

  • The name Hotaru means "firefly" (蛍).
  • Hotaru's surname Kumagai means "bear" (熊) (kuma) and "valley" (谷) (gai).

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