Makoto Hitouji (一氏 誠, Hitouji Makoto) is a Magician and a member of the Magician Community, Wizard Brace. He currently serves as the Homeroom Teacher of Class C (a.k.a Classroom of Hell, students moving to this class is refered to as 'falling to hell') at Subaru Magic Academy. As such he is the teacher for Takeshi Nanase, Kurumi IsoshimaKazumi Ida and, after being transfered to it for breaking the rules, Mui Aiba.

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Vision Magic (unnamed): Like Takeshi, when Makoto activates his magic the magic circle appears on his eye, though his is green and on his left eye. In his first appearance he showed he could identify magic, and later seemed to be able to read Gekkou Nanase's mind, mentioning how he thinks differently than his brother. So far no real name or detail has been mentioned about what kind of magic this is, or it's full capabilities

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