She is a corrupt Subaru Magic Academy's English teacher, she was later revealed to be part of the Ghost Trailer. Her alias is V which is derived from the first letter of her name. She was also the fortune teller at the school's love fortune telling event that tricked Mui Aiba to go to The Ruined World to look for her brother. However, she was disguised with a robe over her face. She claims to be the rightful owner of Twilight.

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She first appeared when the Ghost Trailer went to attack some members of Wizard Brace, she had killed their pursuers simply because they saw her face.

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Ancestral Magic: Black magic[edit | edit source]

  • Card Magic - She uses her cards to summon massive Golems of different elements, Wyverns (dragons) and Valkyries (female fighters) that are infused with magic.

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